Back to Old School

A totally rad back to school experience creates meaningful connections with hard-to-impress teens.

Adidas, Under Armour and Nike were doing such a great job at courting young shoppers that it put Foot Locker in a precarious position. More and more of their business was dependent on three major brands. So they asked smaller brands, like New Balance, to step up.

It was perfect timing. With the impending launch of the NB X-90, a shoe riding the crest of a 90s nostalgia trend, New Balance was poised to capture the attention of Foot Locker shoppers.

New Balance + Foot Locker Present

The X-90 Back to Old School Block Party

New Balance is making sure that students in Foot Locker’s hottest urban markets are ready to go back to school with confidence and style. This August, The Old School Back to School Block Party is bringing back the best of the 1990s with a contemporary twist that mirrors the style of this season’s most radical shoe, the New Balance X-90.

Partnering with artists and small businesses in Atlanta and Miami, two of Foot Locker's most important markets, New Balance will recreate a faux city block straight outta the 90’s—filled with experiences and backdrops that Foot Locker’s shoppers will love to share with their friends and followers.

SIX different ways to experience and share the 90s

To help bring the block to life, each area of the event will be named and designated with a sign inspired by 90s pop culture.

Flat Topz Barbershop

A fully functional barber shop offering free 90s-inspired haircuts and styling to attendees.

Fresh Prints Portrait Studio

A place for attendees to have their back-to-school portrait professionally taken in front of a variety of 90s-inspired backdrops.

Hot Shot Arcade

A sports themed pop-a-shot arcade challenging attendees to compete for a chance to win high-value Foot Locker gift cards.

You've Got Food! CAFE

Local food-trucks to be parked within the event space to provide free food and refreshments to attendees.


With support from a local radio station, the stage will feature a rotating lineup of DJs, radio personalities and performers, culminating in a headline performance by a well-known local artist.


The event is anchored by a pop-up, re-interpretation of a 90s era Foot Locker store staffed by knowledgeable employees and stocked with X-90 shoes and free apparel available only to attendees.

The X-90 Back to Old School Block Party will tighten the relationship with a key retailer and provide a remarkable back to school experience for one of the brand’s hardest to reach targets—filled with moments that elicit a strong emotional response that drive him to connect, purchase and share the experience with others.


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