One-Up Your Health

The leading vitamin, mineral and supplement brand fulfills its promise to make every day healthier.

Nature Made was searching for a way to differentiate itself from a sea of copycat brands while reinforcing its reputation as trusted partner for consumers looking to live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

In partnership with Men's Health and Women's Health, Nature Made invited consumers to "one-up" their vitamin regiment with easy, fun and clever ways to make each day a little bit healthier.

For six weeks Nature Made and its partners posted Facebook content featuring a different health goal (e.g., heart health, energy, sleep) educate, inspire and engage consumers.

The targeted posts were designed to help consumers eat right, stay active and get the most out of their vitamins. Four posts (motivations) each week meant consumers had four opportunities to win unique prizes with every post.

Animated gifs and videos were just one reason the program achieved levels of engagement not seen before by the brand. housed program content and gave consumers an additional way to enter and win an all-expense paid Red Mountain Resort grand prize.

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Digital ads, email, newspaper inserts and in-store materials drove program awareness and product purchase.

A robust influencer program helped broaden the program's reach.

The campaign received enthusiastic support from the brand's key retailers—with key-accounts receiving customized One-Up Your Health activations designed with their stores and shoppers in mind.

Everyone wants to be healthier. With a little help, a little encouragement, and a lot of exciting motivation, Nature Made was able to create meaningful differentiation and one-up its engagement with consumers.

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