Unbelievably Amazing

The world's most fascinating mysteries, myths and legends come together to illustrate the unbelievable customer service of Indiana's most amazing Fiber-optic service provider.

The world is full of exciting mysteries, myths, and legends—many of them hard to believe.

Especially when you consider their most ardent believers.

But what if they were right?

What if Elvis is still alive?

What if there really is a monster at the depths of Loch Ness?

And what if there Is a cable company with amazingly fast downloads, dependable fiber optic connectivity, no-bull billing practices, passionate, caring employees and friendly, locally-based support?

It would be unbelievably amazing.

There are areas in eastern Indiana where unreal occurrences happen on a daily basis. Families experiencing life-changing events.
Stress levels at all time lows. Entertainment at all time highs.

And customer service so extraordinary, it has to be experienced to be believed. What could be at the heart of such unbelievable events? The only explanation… Metronet.


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Direct Mail

Tabloid newspapers are sent to potential subscribers in Metronet’s service area. Every issues features local reports on Bigfoot, Nessie, ancient legends and paranormal activity intertwined with Metronet’s unbelievably amazing service, no-hoax pricing and special offers.

Social contest

Bigfoot will take to the streets and proclaim the end of the lies, deception and evil practices of Big Cable. Walking the streets outside Metronet’s retail locations, he will be armed with information and special offers for new customers. Anyone capturing his photo and using our hashtag will be entered to win a free year of service.


A series of videos parody shows like “River Monsters” and “Ancient Aliens”. Videos feature interviews with pseudo-experts and dramatic reenactments of Metronet occurrences highlighting their unbelievably amazing service.

Examples: the cable guy showing up on time, getting someone local when you call customer service, or a connection so reliably nobody can remember the last time it wasn't working.


A late-night radio talk show host covering unusual topics like junk science, conspiracy theories and paranormal activity takes calls from listeners across Metronet’s service area. Reports of government cover-ups and UFOs are treated as credible while personal stories of Metronet’s unbelievably amazing service are disregarded as unbelievable, pure fiction.

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