Bud Light: Lolla in Your Living Room

Bud Light turns your TV into Lollapalooza's main stage.


With the state of the festival in flux, our team set out to save Lollapalooza 2020 on behalf of our client, Bud Light.


The Challenge

The COVID pandemic forcing the cancellation of music festivals around the world. It was only a matter of time before Lollapalooza would follow suit.

As a premier sponsor of the fest, Bud Light would miss an opportunity to, once again, connect with hundreds of thousands of music fans attending the four-day festival in Chicago's Grant Park.

The Solution

 Lolla in Your Living Room

The Bud LightBar Ensures that Lolla Fans Won't Miss a Beat

To replicate the feeling of being at the Bud Light stage Bud Light will give away dozens of Bud LightBars, color-changing stage lights that react to sound and can be mounted on top of any TV.

Distributed with help from alcohol delivery service Drizly, every Bud LightBar comes with a commemorative Virtual Lolla 12-pack, a perfect compliment for a weekend of live-streaming Lolla 2020's past and live-at-home performances.


Unfortunately, time, resources and coordination with the fest prevented us from moving this idea forward, but it does illustrate how brands can leverage unique and novel uses of technology to create peak moments that foster ongoing connection with their customers, consumers or users.

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